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Yared Nigussu MAMO
(Curriculum Vitae)

„I was born and raised in Ethiopia. My artistic roots, passion, soul and education started in Addis Abeba. I hold a Bachelor degree in Art education from Addis Abeba University School of Fine Art and Design in 2005.

In 2006, I moved to France for further study and participated in several group and solo exhibitions. While I was in France, I had the opportunity to open my mind and learn more about art and the artistic world with different opinions and perspectives than I had before.

Europe, North America and Africa brought a huge influence in my understanding towards art in general and my work. Meeting different artists and art related people helped me to see the art world in the state of extreme surprise and wonder.

Good art work and talented artists are my day-to-day source of inspiration and learning tools. I am always impressed by innovation especially in Fine Art and its fundamental role in my life and everyone’s life in the world. Everyone belongs to art and art belongs to anyone.“


„It has been 3 years since I started working and studying on the theme of faces. A simple subject finally becomes a broad idea that inspired me for a long time now… and still is. Faces are the first thing that I see when I meet people. I instantly stare on people’s eyes (one used to say that eyes are the window of the soul). I understand what people feel and I try to express those feelings with my brushes. It's all about happiness for me to observe someone’s face. That's the reason why I am passionate about drawing and painting every interesting face I encounter.

In my work, I try to capture the emotion, feeling and spirit of my models. I paint models that I meet, friends, families, faces from newspapers, TV or from the Internet… 

I devoted myself to get the best results by working so much and by focusing on showing my reality, playing with lines, colours, shapes and emotion. Nature is an infinite source of inspiration for me and that will keep me exploring and painting the beautiful world we are all living in.“