Jeanie-Aprille Tang
(Curriculum Vitae)

Jeanie-Aprille Tang, Aux Yux Crux, is an electro-acoustic composer and improviser. Born in Hong Kong, she gravitates to rhythms of construction sites, roaming traffic, inaudible conversations, and airplanes. Natural and synthetic worlds are the polar opposites in her sonic practice. Sounds that distort the cognition of natural occurrences, such as the eruption of wind, metal, water, and the sounds of underwater movements, collide with the velocity, frequencies, timbres, pitches, distances, and rhythms of metallic constructions, motors, and speech. Volume, as in amplitude (loudness), versus volume, as in mass (size). 

A former student of behavioral science, her practice in sound consists of cross-modal synesthetic influences from the contemporary moment, as well as synopsis and identity assignments from geometric perspectives. With field recordings of different environments, the illusion of spaces, unnatural entering, exiting, and transitions are created, with modulations and blending of synthetic timbre and frequencies. Her instrument is a collection of individual acoustic objects and electronic hardware. With an acoustic approach of mental and muscle memories in an electro-acoustic setting, coexistence and interference between natural and synthetic sounds are developed at the moment when acoustic sounds are modulated and overlapped with themselves in unstable manners and movements in time. Her interests are slow wave, new colour, irregular heartbeats, and circuitry. Jeanie-Aprille studied at Mills College with focus in music composition, electronic music, hardware instruments, and audio engineering.