Vlatka Horvat
(Curriculum Vitae)


In my recent work, I have been interested in the problematics of occupying space, and in the human body’s contentious relationship with everyday objects, landscape, and the built environment.

Using simple gestures such as cutting and folding, dismantling and repairing, stacking, leaning and layering, the work frequently focuses on re-drawing borders and frames, and on re-arranging or reconfiguring physical objects, the body, space itself, and the spatial and social relations at play in it. 

Many of my recent projects have taken the form of room-based installations, comprising multiple constellations of images, modified objects and materials, and diagrammatic or model-like propositions on paper and in space. At the center of these installations are diverse-but-related sculptures made of found and commonplace materials, frequently presented in a dialogue with 2-dimensional, wall-based works. Additionally, these installations have enacted discrete interventions upon elements of the built environment by attempting to mirror, echo, or repeat particular features of the exhibition room using inadequate, cheap materials such as cardboard, paper, sponge, scrap wood, bricks, tape, and rubber bands. 

Often manifested as ‘versions,’ the body and physical objects in my work tend to be treated as vulnerable propositions, caught in the dynamic processes of their own multiplication and fragmentation. I frequently employ two distinct types of gestures: cutting up and severing on the one side, and merging and repairing on the other. Multiple iterations of these gestures approach the body, objects and space they occupy as sites of testing and rehearsal, sites of potential collapse and dysfunction, but also as sites of reinvention, possibility, and play.